How a Cleaning Schedule Saved My Sanity

I hate cleaning. It is the bane of my existence. Well, that’s a lie. Folding laundry is. However, after a hectic week, the last thing I want to do was spend my entire Saturday cleaning. At that point, the weekend is never anything to look forward to, for me. Especially with a husband who works a lot of crazy odd hours.

I get overwhelmed easily, so I knew I needed to figure this out. So what’s a busy Mom to do? I turned to Pinterest. I searched ‘cleaning hacks’ and scoured through everything. I came across a cleaning schedule and I thought, this sounds so simple! Now I know these schedules aren’t anything new, but sire were to me. I just needed to make it work for me and my home.

So I split my home up into sections and declared them the missions of the day. One day I’ll mop/scrub the dining room floor. While I’m down there I’ll make sure the baseboards are clean. I’ll clean and dust the coffee bar as well.

The shower is extremely intimidating for me, so I’ll also divide that into sections and I will scrub one every day. I also included wiping down the vanity and toilet bowl (because you know, boys), into my nightly routine.

The next day I’ll mop/scrub the kitchen and of course the baseboards, because those are ALWAYS dirty in the kitchen. While I’m in there I will give the sink a good scrub down and wipe down cabinets and appliances. So on and so forth, with whatever room is chosen that day.

On days where I’m mopping the entry way or the hallway I’ll choose a bedroom to also do a thorough cleaning. So I’ll pick up the floor, vacuum, wash sheets and dust.

Then of course there are things that I do daily, like dishes/cleaning the counter and sweeping. If you’re familiar with this blog, you know I live in the country and everything, I mean everything gets trotted inside. So sweeping is a must. Also the nightly routine I mentioned above. Furthermore, there are things that I do as needed, like laundry.

Cleaning an entire house is extremely daunting, but when you split it up and chip away at it each day, it becomes doable. Now my system isn’t perfect, but it works for me and everything gets a thorough cleaning every week. Sounds pretty good to me.

What hacks do you have to make life a little more simple?

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