There’s a lot to do, to ensure everyone’s survival, before winter comes. (Cue Game of Thrones music) we will be overwintering 38 chickens and possibly goats. We also have some things to do to make sure we are comfortable this winter as well.

We will be putting up plastic around the mobile coops and adding some perches. We will also be cleaning our static coop and applying a deep mulch. We did this last year and it seemed to do well. Soon we will have to start taking waters inside, on a nightly basis, so they don’t freeze.

We have a lot of wood to chop! We don’t heat our home solely on wood, but we will instal a wood stove as supplemental, for when the power goes out. Last winter we had some storms where it knocked out the power and we went without heat for a couple days. This can be potentially dangerous, so we will be remedying that.

Another thing I like to do is meal prep a little bit. In the winter, I do not enjoy cooking. I’d much rather be bundled up on the couch. So what I’ll be doing for the next month or so it doubling recipes and freezing them for future use. This is helpful because it will just be a matter of thawing and warming.

pot pies cooling before I add the crust on top. These will go in the freezer for a quick meal.

Winter isn’t my favorite time of year, but there are things that can be done to make it more bearable. What are the things you like to do before winter?

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