Season Wrap Up

We didn’t grow a whole lot this year, not just due to lack of planning, but lack of confidence. We just didn’t think we could do it. When I say season wrap up, I mostly mean the broiler chickens. So far we have had some great successes and it has really added confidence to what we are doing.

The chickens are getting so big, so fast and we may be butchering a couple weeks earlier than planned. Other than a couple setbacks and remedies, they have been a smashing success. The chicken tractors have worked fairly well other than the wheels aren’t working as well as they should. This makes them hard to pull around the yard. We also have had to add some hose to soften the chain for pulling. The chain is really rough on the hands, especially first thing in the morning. We also had to put wire over the waterer. We found this out through an unfortunate experience of a chicken jumping inside.

I’ve pretty much given up on my garden that I planted directed in the ground. It’s very slow going. I hope I can get something out of it, but it is doubtful, since our first frost date is fast approaching (5-10 days from now). My garden box is great, as I’ve said before. I have what seems to be an endless supply of salad greens. This is weirdly exciting, because I haven’t had to buy any at the grocery store in quite some time.

In order to finish wrapping up the season we have a ton of wood to chop and we will certainly need a plucker, because I don’t think I could handle hand plucking those chickens. We’ve accomplished so much in such a short period of time and still have potential to grow more with the help of low tunnels, which I think we will experiment with. We’ve gained the confidence to plan for the future and what things we will try next year.

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