Homesteading Isn’t Free and Our Halfway Mark

You may have all of this food growing all around you, and you can go out and grab it whenever you want, but it’s definitely not free. There is this common misconception, mostly around non homesteaders, but also a few people actually doing it, that it’s all free. It’s not.

There are start up costs and they are extremely expensive. Even if you use things you have laying around, you’ve paid for it once at some point. Not to mention the time spent. It’s grueling work and if you haven’t done it, you’ll never know.

I’ve had people come to me in the past asking for free stuff. Mostly eggs and produce, because that’s what I have, but also when I tell them what we are looking into getting they ask if they can have some. My suggestion to you would be to just say no.

Just say, no. I know it’s hard to say. And I’m not saying don’t help those in need. My goal is to expose as many people as I can, to homesteading, and encourage them to do it on their own. Exposure involves showing people what you’re doing and showing how rewarding it is. I think that most people who get into this lifestyle are very giving people, but if you’re not careful, people will wring you dry and take advantage.


We’re 8 weeks into growing as much as we can in the space we have. It’s not large, because this was more on a whim. My raised bed is doing fantastic, because we strategically layered and amended the soil as we filled the box. My plants that are in ground aren’t doing so hot. I think part has to do with the soil being compacted and deficient. The other part probably has to do with the fact that we haven’t had rain in a long time.


We are just over half way into our 100 days of growing and I’m feeling the burnout. You know the feeling when you work so hard and you get halfway there and realize, you’re only halfway there. :/ That’s where I am. It doesn’t help that my in ground plants are doing so poorly, and that’s where we planted most of our food.

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