That Crazy Neighbor, is Me

I grew up in a ritzy neighborhood and attended a private school. Golf was the hobby of choice in our house. A collage education was pushed hard and working a desk job was prized. There is nothing wrong with this lifestyle. I think it’s admirable and I am very appreciative of how I grew up, but I’ve always been the black sheep.

Part of the reason I started this blog, was to connect with like minded people. People who have taken it upon themselves to either homestead themselves, support their local small farms, or hope to have their own someday. My family, bless their hearts, try so hard to be interested and are actually pretty good at pretending. This leads me to my other reason, I think my family is just plain sick of hearing about it. Ha!


The typical person, probably thinks I’m a nut. I mean, I have 41 chickens total, of meat birds and layers. We will be getting in 30+ more next week, of pullets. We hope to add goats or a family cow (the jury is still out) to our homestead next spring, along with a couple of bee hives. We may even try our hand at pasture raised pigs. A normal person would wonder why in the heck I would ever do this.

In a world today, you can just go to the grocery store and find all of things I’m growing and maybe even more. But something about being connected to my food, knowing where it came from, is just so appealing to me. My kids are learning life skills, that can’t be taught anywhere else. I’m feeding my family food and I know it’s story.

We have dreams to expand, but that takes time, money and knowledge. As we grow our homestead, I’m sure I’ll be getting a lot more looks. Some people may even throw some shade. I will just try to remind myself that only those who don’t understand, will make fun and I will do my best to educate.

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