The Homesteader/Minimalist’s Dilemma

There are things that I need and there are things that I want. Sometimes these things overlap. Sometimes I have no choice. Figuring out what you can do without and still live abundantly is the name of the game.

Right now, I’m in need of a watch. I currently have Fitbit that I really like. The problem is it’s old and quite literally falling apart. I like it because it reminds me to stay active and to get moving. So I looked at buying a new one and I found one that looks really sharp. It would do way more than I need it to. Then I looked at the price. Yikes!

You see, as a pretty frugal person, spending money like that, especially on myself is really hard. So, I went on amazon and looked around to see what I could find that would meet my needs. I found plenty on cheap watches, under $20, that would tell me the time, which is all I truly need. However, none of them I really wanted.

I have other things I would like to spend my money on, like bee hives. This I can get behind quickly, because in the self-sufficient lifestyle, this is a need that would benefit everyone. Yes, I’m likely to buy it anyway, but if I could just get by on the bare minimum, I could get one sooner.

I don’t like having to prioritize things. I wish I could buy what I want, when I want it. But isn’t this just the way of life? If I would get what I wanted, I would have my huge full working farm this very moment. My husband would quit his job and help me run it. But what would I have learned? When you build from scratch, you learn what works and what doesn’t. When you start from scratch and work through everything, you learn through your successes and failures. Ultimately we will be stronger for it.

So what does this mean for my new watch? I still have no idea. 😉

2 thoughts on “The Homesteader/Minimalist’s Dilemma”

  1. Have you looked to see if it’s available through Amazon warehouse? These are typically open box returns and if you keep an eye on them you can get what you want at quite a discount! I fell in love with a $200 coffee maker for our guest room and with some patience snagged it for $70 – all because someone ripped open the box beforehand returning it!


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