100 Days of Growing Food

I recently came across Justin Rhodes’ channel on YouTube. After watching just one, I was hooked and binge watched for days. He introduced to me the concept of growing as much food as you can in just 100 days.

To me, this sounded brilliant. 100 days isn’t that large of a commitment. I told myself, you can only do what you can, but lets just see how much I can grow. So, I “just planted”, like Justin says. So far we are 14 days in and still excited.

We also ordered some freedom ranger broiler chickens and we got started a couple days before they arrived, but will have plenty of time to finish them before the 100 days are up. These meat chickens are an experiment that we really hope we enjoy. They have already served a purpose for some of our broody hens. More on that another day.

I have planted carrots, head lettuce, mesclun greens, green onions, radishes, cauliflower, romaine, and beets. I have had gardens before, but have never grown any of these, so I’m excited to see how it goes. I also have summer squash and eggplant started. Now you may be saying to yourself, “it’s way too late in the season for those. Why are you growing them?” The answer: because I want to try. According to the packages, I should have enough time. If not, oh well. That means I’ve learned something!

DSC_0913 (2)

DSC_0912 (2)

Could you commit to just 100 days of growing food?

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